Mission Support

FBC has been ministering in Estonia for twenty years.BMBC participated in providing support that made it possible for some to be able to join the mission team. In 2011 BMBC accepted the challenge to help provide one of several cabins to be used as residences for youth attending summer camp sessions annually in Estonia.In addition to financially underwriting the cost of a cabin, class member Ronnie Allen generously gave on his time to the mission team and served as one of the principal managers of the project.

















The Businessmen's Bible Class has for approximately ten years underwritten the cost of participation in the Rotary Club flag subscription campaign to proudly fly American flags for five holidays during the year- Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, 9/11 and Veteran's Day.Our involvement includes placing twenty-seven flags on Cambridge Dr. fronting the church property proudly stating our love of God and Country.

Thompson Creek Cemetery is located on a parcel surrounded by private property in northern Brazos County off of Mumford Road.The earliest identifiable burial was in 1877 with thirty-eight of the sixty identifiable death dates being in the 1800s.The cemetery, long abandoned and grown up, was discovered to contain the burials of Rev. William Bartlett Eaves, the organizing pastor of First Baptist Church of Bryan and five members of his family.Descendants of others buried there contacted the church and inquired about the church assuming maintenance responsibilities for the cemetery. The contact was referred to J. W. Kornegay for consideration and J enlisted Ronnie Allen and Ralph Girlinghouse to possibly volunteer to lead the work effort on behalf of BMBC. At their collective request the BMBC agreed to take on the task of cleaning it up, restoring the fences, building a new entrance and maintaining it going forward.Restoration has been completed. Thick brush has been cleared, removed, raked, and burned. Stones have been straightened and repaired and wildflowers and grass planted. The fence has been repaired and a new gate and sign have been erected.In April 2012 the cemetery was fully covered with bluebonnets.



Shut-in Visitation, by members of the BMBC to nursing homes, hospitals, and private residences of class and church members helps to brighten the spirits of those being visited as well as providing them a way to keep in touch with their many friends at First Baptist Church. Those participating through one afternoon per week each two or three months receive more of an uplifting than those who are visited. Class members George Nelson and Neil Rowan take their turn visiting.
















FBC Youth Mission Trips is a primary focuses of the youth ministry. Students experience the challenge and joy of serving God at home and abroad (Bryan, Alabama, North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, Panama, Estonia, Malaysia, and Zimbabwe) in order to deepen their walk with Jesus, express their love for people, and share their faith in God. The students receive extensive training to develop God's heart for the nations in to prepare them to live a life dedicated to the Lord. www.fbcbryan.org









S.O.S (Save Our Streets) Ministries purpose is to "Rescue, Restore, and Release" those served from drug and gang infested environment where abuse, poverty, and violence are a way of life. Located in Bryan, S.O.S. pursues its purpose targeting entire families through neighborhood outreaches, mentoring and discipleship, and life skill education. Class members Stewart Kling and Jack Threadgill, are Board Members of S.O.S. www.saveourstreetsministries.org











Laptop Computers for Missionaries and others facilitating delivery of Bible teachings in foreign lands in need and the start up of church groups domestically.Most of the computers provided have gone to graduating college students desiring to start their “after college” careers with as a missionary in foreign areas of opportunity.The first one provided was near twenty years ago and this remains mission goal of BMBC when there is a need.Many serve in areas where it is not wise to show their identity and therefore the reason some of our images are from shoulder down.

Gideons, a local extension of an international association that works with Protestant/evangelical churches to arm the public with the Gospel. In Bryan-College Station, an emphasis is placed on making New Testament Bibles available to the roughly fifty thousand college students that make their home here. Class member Bob Vernon, and others in front of of Gideon's station outside of MSC on A&M Campus. Over 8,500 College Testaments were distributed to students of TAMU.


Miracle Farm, located on rolling hills in historic Independence offering a "Chance of a Lifetime"; to boys ages 13 to 17 to reflect, renew, and rebuild. Boys learn self confidence, discipline, respect for authority and communications skills while studying the bible and participating in devotionals and local churches. Class member Jay W. Kornegay joins Jack Meeker, Executive director and his wife for lunch with residence of the Farm. www.miraclefarm.org











Still Creek Boys and Girls Ranch is a safe haven for boys and girls starting ages 6 to 14 and can stay until age 18. It is a peaceful, protected setting 15 miles east of Bryan, where both boys and girls live, get an education and further their dreams. Class member Ray Criswell shown with boys and Margaret O'Quinn, co-administrator of the Ranch. www.stillcreekranch.org