21st Century History

While the First Baptist Church of Bryan was established on November 18, 1866, it was not until February 9, 1919 that under the encouragement of Dr. John A. Held, then pastor, that the organization of a men’s class was completed and the first Sunday School class meeting was held. The name became the Business Men’s Bible Class and the Queen Theatre, still standing on Main Street, became the designated meeting place because the church building did not offer adequate space. It was felt that a neutral site would prove more inviting to the entire community. The class continued to meet in the Queen Theatre and then for a short while in the Carnegie Library before moving to the church facilities at the encouragement of new pastor, Dr. R. E. Day in about 1927.

To this day, the class meetings follows the same order as in those early years with the class president presiding, opening with the class signing two hymns led by the class chorister followed by a prayer, the lesson, a benediction, and then a report of attendance and giving and an open discussion of relevant matters to the class. The class has been blessed to be served by teachers with an uncommon biblical foundation and the ability to communicate their thoughts clearly. Not infrequently, they often have been among this community's leading citizens as well. In the first seventy-six years (through 1995), the class had only eight full time teachers. Since that time, teaching responsibilities have been shared by four individuals, each bringing the lessons for three consecutive months. As other church callings developed, these teachers have tended to rotate in and out as availability dictated. The Explore the Bible series is the basis for all lessons.

Beginning on February 6, 1949, the weekly Bible lessons have been broadcast by radio each Sunday. Its listeners include many shut-ins, individuals suffering short term illnesses, Sunday School classes without teachers, seminary students who weekly travel to area churches, and a broad range of non-class members and even non-church members.

The class treasury supports the radio broadcasts, furnishes the class room, the church budget, and other Christian activities which include traveling Youth groups, church construction groups (state, national, and international), individuals going on Missionary activities, youth schools such as Still Creek Boys Ranch and Miracle Farm Boys Ranch and other needs as the opportunities arise.

For ninety years many men of our church have gained Christian fellowship and inspiration by weekly Bible study and participation in the activities of the Business Men’s Bible class, First Baptist Church, Bryan, Texas.

We invite you to visit us and consider joining this dynamic fellowship!